Empty House | Free quote

LET US EMPTY YOUR HOUSES AND LOFTS USWhether for a garage sale, an empty house, an empty apartment, individual garage sales and storage, we provide a high quality service throughout Belgium (north flea market, houses Brussels, empty cork attic, several flea markets in Belgium , …).

How does it happen ?

“L’efficacité avant tout.”
  • We go according to your convenience
  • We estimate the value of the contents to empty, when this is not the dump. Three options are possible:


OPTION A : The value of the contents to empty exceeds the costs we incur
We then make aoffer purchase reasonable, and we also carry away items without values.

OPTION B : The value of the load content is equal to the costs we incur:
we empty the place Free and no cost.

OPTION C : The value of the contents to empty is less than the costs we incur:
we empty place against a small rock bottom prices.

You want to keep certain things? No problem !

“We will rid that you no longer want.”

If you want to keep certain items on the content, no problem! We help you make the sorts, and we can even ensuretransport these objects wherever you want.

When finished ç’est ?

“A satisfaction from beginning to end, and additional services if necessary!”

After each site we automatically move a stroke of ballet and a shot of mop. You can also ask a great cleansing,of refreshment or renovation work (Painting, plumbing, plastering, electrical, tiling, ….): A team of professionals in industrial cleaning and building renovation is at your disposal.

An emergency ?

Do not hesitate to call us if you need to clear an emergency place. We will do our best to bring you a solution in record time!